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Join like-minded enthusiasts in our Group Retreats, where the energy of the collective enhances the training experience.These retreats combine group dynamics with expert coaching. Revel in shared accommodations, nutritious meals, and immersive cultural experiences. Whether you're a solo traveler or part of a group, our Group Retreats promise an inspiring and transformative adventure. 


Elevate team dynamics and well-being with our Corporate Retreats. Tailored for professionals seeking a unique bonding experience, these retreats combine fitness, teamwork, and the beauty of Costa Rica. Our programs include specialized team-building activities, group training sessions, and opportunities for relaxation. Foster a healthier, more connected work environment amidst the natural splendor of this tropical retreat.


Experience the ultimate in personalized training with our Private Retreats. Tailor your Muay Thai/Fitness journey to your individual goals, with one-on-one attention from our expert trainers. Enjoy exclusive use of our training facilities, luxurious accommodation, gourmet meals, and immerse yourself in the beauty of Costa Rica. This is a family-friendly option for those seeking an intimate and focused experience with loved ones.


Whether you're visiting Costa Rica for a vacation or residing in the beautiful Pura Vida land, you can now have a dedicated trainer come to you. Tailor your training program, choose your preferred location, and let our expert instructors bring the Pura Vida Muay Thai experience directly to your doorstep. It's the perfect solution for those seeking personalized fitness, with the stunning backdrop of Costa Rica enhancing every session. Embrace the convenience and luxury of having a trainer cater to your well-being, wherever you are in this tropical paradise!


Our Semi-Private Retreats offer a balance between personalized attention and a shared experience. Ideal for couples, friends, or small groups, these retreats provide a customized training program. Enjoy the camaraderie of training together while still benefiting from individualized coaching. Accommodation, meals, and the stunning Costa Rican surroundings make this a holistic and memorable fitness getaway.


Dreaming of curating a unique retreat experience for your group? Pura Vida Muay Thai invites you to turn that dream into reality! Whether you're a martial arts school, fitness professional, or group organizer, let us guide you in crafting a customized retreat in the breathtaking landscapes of Costa Rica. From designing tailored training programs to arranging accommodations and meals, our team is here to support you every step of the way. Bring your vision to life and create lasting memories with your own group in the Pura Vida paradise. Let's collaborate and make your retreat aspirations come true!


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