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Cuerpo Puro, Pura Vida 


July 15 - 21, 2023  | Matapalo, Costa Rica

Start Weeks 1-5 at home - Finish Week 6 in Costa Rica

Discipline & Strengthen the Mind

This 6 week program starts and ends with YOU. Although you will be a part of a group and have a coach accessible once the program begins, you must commit and dedicate your time and energy to transforming yourself - inside & out. 

Do you often start workout programs and not finish? Start a new diet and quit after a couple of days? 

There is empowerment in finding consistency & creating habits that are positive to your mental and physical self. It is with your coach and others that you will realize your strength & be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor during week 6 (in Costa Rica!) after you've trained your mind to become your strongest tool.

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Condition & Train the Body

You will prep for your final week in Costa Rica with 5 weeks of preset workouts which will be sent one week before the program begins (on May 26, 2023) . These workouts will consist of body weight & endurance training (with the option to add in weights.) 

In addition to the physical conditioning, a nutritious diet & proper water intake is a must! Results will only show if you are putting the right fuel in your body.

Your program packet will include a nutrition guide and sample meal plans/shopping list. Your coach will assist you with any additional questions you have, but It is recommended to speak to a nutritionist if you need specific dietary information because of a health condition or a wellness objective.

*You should consult a physician before starting any diet or exercise program. If you choose to follow our 6 week program without consulting your physician, you are doing so at your own risk.* 

Reconnect and Renew the Spirit

Simply being in an environment so pure and fresh evokes a sense of calmness & renewal.

Our cabins do not include televisions and we recommend disconnecting from your electronic devices to further benefit your mental health. For those that need to stay connected, it's recommended to limit your usage.  

Through active recovery sessions, yoga inspired warm ups & cool downs, meditation and nature walks through the jungle & beach - you will be surrounded by a beauty like no other and feel that through your whole essence. Pura Vida. 

You will be given daily tasks - time that you must set aside to reflect within, on your journey throughout the program and how you plan to continue your journey long term. 


What's included?

7 days 6 nights all inclusive stay at Eco Friendly Jungle Resort - Encanta La Vida

Ground transportation to retreat center from Puerto Jimenez

5 week at home workout program + group chat + nutrition guide

1x group bootcamp session per day 

Take home packet 

Limited edition tank top + certificate of completion

3 health conscious meals per day + healthy smoothie

(dietary restriction friendly - gluten free, vegan, vegetarian)

24/7 tea + coffee + water station

One 1 on 1 kickboxing or fitness private training session 

Nature Walks + Group Hikes + Guided Night Hikes + Beach bonfire

Visit to the local waterfall + Restaurant, Martinas

24 hour access to pool + pool bar

Access to horseback riding, massage, surf lessons + ziplining


What's NOT  included?

Airfare (international + domestic flight)

Additional excursions 

Travel insurance

Additional food + drink


Sample Schedule

Early Morning: Workout

Mid Morning: Break Your Fast (breakfast)

Late Morning: Healthy Shake 


Early Afternoon: Nature Walk / Exploration / Relax Time

Late Afternoon: Meditation / Daily Task

Dinner + Conversation

This is an example of what one of the days could look like. Daily activities and group sessions may differ, weather dependent. A final schedule will be sent one week prior to the retreat date. 

  All classes are group based and may be hosted on the platform or beach. Classes may consist of: H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training), T.R.X (Total Resistance Training), Fitness Kickboxing & Bootcamp. 

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Single Travelers:

Shared $2,299+

Private $2,599


Private $2,099+

Groups or Families:

Private $1,949+

Price shown is per person. A $500 non-refundable deposit (per person) is required to book your accommodation.




Total Resistance Exercise


High Intensity Interval Training

Fitness Kickboxing


T.R.X. is a full body workout designed to challenge you by using your own bodyweight + gravity as resistance. With the aid of straps to increase or decrease the amount of weight in each movement, it is a great tool to build strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability.

H.I.I.T workouts will be shorter in duration & are designed for metabolic conditioning by using timed intervals of exercises + short rest periods. H.I.I.T can help to decrease body fat, increase strength and endurance, and improve health outcomes.

Designed to be a fun, stress relieving full body workout, kickboxing will consist of fun combos taught by the coach,

balance drills, coordination, flexibility and endurance.

Bootcamp sessions will include different elements of the training program that students have been doing throughout the 5 weeks. From endurance sessions, sprints, jogs, beach workouts, burn out drills, endurance testing, strength & conditioning testing & more.

All sessions will begin with a stretch & warm up and finish with cool down stretches. 

  • Who is the ideal traveler?
    Anybody who needs a jumpstart into their fitness journey Those looking to commit to their long term health & creating healthy habits Those seeking a new perspective on health and fitness! Fitness Enthusiasts & people who love a new challenge Anyone wanting to enjoy a new adventure, meet new people & continue staying active Lovers of nature and wildlife Anyone who can appreciate an Ocean Breeze vs Air Conditioning Someone who is looking to bond and be a part of a group with others that have similar goals! We love our group discussions and meeting others world wide.
  • What’s the difficulty level of the program?
    Although the 6 week program is immersive and includes 5 days a week of workouts, it is beginner friendly. If you are seasoned in the gym, you can add a challenge by incorporating weights into any of the workouts. The program will also include weekly challenges and group check ins to assist in accountability and consistency. (That's why we're here!) The program will include bodyweight exercises, with the option always available to add any weights/resistance. You will build up strength and duration from weeks 1-5, so during your final week in Costa Rica you are already at a level of physical and mental fitness. During your week in Costa Rica, we will have 45-60 minute fitness classes 1x a day, as well as dedicated time for reflection and relaxation. If you do have any injuries, health or medical concerns please consult with your doctor prior to beginning the program.
  • What can I expect?
    After submitting your deposit, you will be sent a welcome email that will include a questionnaire, paperwork to be submitted and give further details on payment plans & plane tickets needed. Our group chat will be made on May 26, 2023 which is when you will also receive your fitness program (digitally). This is one week before you officially begin the workouts. Throughout the 5 weeks prior to Costa Rica, you will be following the workouts, doing daily check in's with the group and following all guidelines included; such as clean eating, daily pictures, daily water intake, etc. On Week 6, your adventure starts as soon as you arrive in Costa Rica and experience the domestic flight from San Jose into Puerto Jimenez. In Puerto Jimenez, we will pick you up and travel to our final destination at Encanta La Vida. You will face your final week with your team and push through final challenges, jungle jogs, beach runs, recovery sessions, experience breathtaking scenery, delicious eating, relaxation at the pool, stretches & afternoon naps, nature walks, great conversation, gorgeous waterfalls, new friends and more! We will have a final gradation ceremony where certificates of completion will be handed out and you will be given a small take home packet to help in continuing your fitness journey.
  • Are weights or equipment required for the program?
    No weights are needed! It is recommended to have some sort of a comfortable surface for ground work such as a yoga mat and you will need to use a timer - such as the one on your phone. Workouts will require you to do specific Strength & Conditioning bodyweight exercises, some sort of Endurance Training such as H.I.I.T. or Kickboxing and Cardio exercise such as Running/Jogging. *Short video demonstrations will be available for some exercises* but it is recommended to further look up any exercises you are not familiar with.
  • What program materials are included with the 6 week program?
    Everything will be sent digitally and you will receive: "What to Expect & Guidelines for the Program" 5 Weeks of Workouts A 5 Week Workout Calendar Guide to Nutrition & Sample Meals
  • What should I pack?
    -Comfortable fitness attire including running shoes -Pack for the appropriate weather (tropical jungle) & activity list (light sweaters and breathable clothing, a poncho for rainy weather, workout gear, hiking shoes/boots, running shoes, swimsuits, etc.) - Any personal items such as: bug spray, sunscreen, medications, etc &. Any other necessities you feel you may need, please don't hesitate to pack. **We will be stopping at a local grocery store BEFORE heading to the retreat center for any items you may have forgotten and/or would like to buy rather than travel with.**
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